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  • Release Date
  • : 0000-00-00
  • Language
  • : Hindi
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    "Khanjar" is a story of intrigue and revenge which brings tragedy into the live of innocent people. It is also the stroy of these very people fighting back with grim determination until the evil has ended. . Prakash (Navin Nischol) is curator in a museum. A friend of his, Capt. Usman (Suresh Oberoi), now private detective, comes to meet him. He show Prakash an old photo of a Khanjar (dagger) and wants to know where it could have originated. Prakash tells him to come the next day. . However, outside the museum, Prakash is again accosted by an unnerved Capt. Usman who says that there is a bomb in his car. He gives Prakash his diary for safe keeping and says he will call the police from the public booth. But when Prakash goes to booth, a little late, he finds that Capt. Usman is dead. . A Smart girl, who calls herself Pretty (Reen Roy), is soon flirting with Prakash and she tries to retrieve the diary. She seems to be working on Princes (Amjads) instructions. Prakash, gives the diary to the police, but is also persuaded by the Police Officer (who retains a copy) to keep the original, and help him to find a clue to Usmans murder. But the diary leads to the tragic death of Prakashs young brother-in-law, Ramesh (Shekar Kapoor), Why has been recently married to his younger sister, Jyoti (Rita Bhaduri). A grief striken Prakash finds himself more and more involved in the in the mystery of these deaths, leading to the Khanjar.... . The clue to Khanjar leads Prakash, his magician friends, Jagat (Mehmood) and Rasvanti (Jayshri T.), to and old princely town, Uday garh, which is now famous for a holy man, called Swamiji (Amjad). Mystery unfolds into greater mystery, and amidst a succession of events, thrilling and unexpected, the story behind the Khanjar unravels [Source : Booklet]
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